Pink Zebra

What can i say about this awesome company other then what amazing products they have! I finally broke and bought my first jar of sprinkles. I picked up the scent Fresh Linen. 2d065aae579cf954ae26ab7437593cb9

I have little gift bags all around my house with just a small amount and it makes such a huge change! So I’ve figured I would love to rate this company and there product. Mind you I paid for this myself and I wasn’t asked to do any of this. I however believe in this company and the products!!!!

Website i used:

The Consultant offered to help me with any questions i had so experience with her 10/10

Website is super easy to use and labeled easy to read and find what you are looking for 10/10

They always seem to have some kind of special which is a plus!!

Shipping costs are to crazy ridiculous that’s a plus in this day in age some Direct Sales companies are insane with shipping costs so that’s not to bad 10/10 i believe it was around $8 not to bad considering the jar is glass!!

shipping also was super quick got the confirmation letter in my email then the shipment letter with in the next day or 2 and got my package with in less then 5 days total so that’s amazing 10/10 again!!

I know there are so many amazing scent companies out there but honestly this one has my vote i love the product and the deals they do we cant go wrong when we want to save money am I right or am I wrong??

Either way if your looking for some gift this year for the holiday or even a birthday but don’t know what to get or where to go check out this site its awesome!!!


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I wonder how many of you have been scratching your heads trying to find that perfect costume for this years Halloween party! With that in your mind how many will go out spending $30 or more dollars to get the outfit that who knows how many other people will have. Why not get creative I mean yes I know its almost time for the parties and the fun but next year think a head get your outfit going. Imagine how awesome you’ll look creating your own costume and the money you’ll save. 

Now for the tricky part oh the kids! My daughter took 3 weeks to find what she wanted switching and always trying to find the better costume then the kids in her class. Finally finding what she wants to be. After then 2nd year of the “I don’t know” game I believe next year I’ll be creating her costume as well. Lots of planning but again cost saving.

Do any of you make your own customes? I’d love to heat about them. And be able to share your ideas with others in the world

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Been a while but starting again

Its been a while and I am truly sorry on that! Here I am back and ready to take action! In the past few months I have come across some amazing products and companies. Products that I will be reviewing and just making some points about not to help anyone or for free just because I myself believe in these products!  I am now a stay at home mom full time. My daughter is in school full time but while she is in school I take care of my father who only needs minor things randomly! In the next few months I will be reviewing products or sites what ever I may find that will help you guys and gals in the long run either with products you want or things that will help you work from home or make some extra money. So with that being said if you want anything you might want me to look into please feel free to ask me!  I will be blogging daily maybe multiple times if I can! I am here to help you!

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It is so hard for me to think that my little baby is not so little anymore. My daughter will be starting the first grade in September. So not ready for my baby to grow up, but then again what parent is? I remember being little and thinking summer was never long enough we needed more days off to play with our friends and have fun. My daughter on the other hand is all sorts of ready for school to start. Trust me that’s not a bad thing and I love how excited she is. Plus I work nights so that means more sleep for momma when shes in school. I was talking to my fiance the other day about how things have changed in 9 years since I graduated high school he doesn’t see the difference as he’s  years younger then me and just left school not many years ago. Uniforms where something we heard they were gonna give us yet here i am buying them for my daughter along with a clear back pack. Seriously what has our world come to a bunch of crazy people that make it so we can’t even trust our own kids these days! its sad really I do worry every day she gets on the bus as to what might happen these days its a thought that has crossed most parents minds at least once. I believe that leaving her home and doing homeschooling will not do her any good so off she must go. She needs to branch on her own and learn how to live her own life not the life of hiding behind walls. And don’t get me wrong the people who do homeschool there children more power to you i give you credit because it can’t always be easy! I do some days wish i could but i know that its something she doesn’t want. Yes i know i’m the parent and i make the rules however i feel that if she wants to go to school in a public place more power to her. However if she came home the next day and said home school me id do it in a heart beat

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Jewelry In Candles YAY!!

one of those links is to my personal site the other to my facebook site come follow me on facebook i’d love to get feed back from all of youabout jewelry in candle become a rep bring outdoors in garden indoors generalpointsjewelryad

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Working from home?

So i was wondering how many people actually work from home? I’ve searched and searched and i really haven’t seen much of anything. Kinda of sucks if you ask me. I still sell Jewelry In Candles and yes i’ve made my money back and plan to do lots of parties with them and keep selling. I really do love the product and so does my family. All that matters right? Back to my original topic of my post. Work from home opportunities yay or nay?? What do you honestly think? This day in age its all about computers and cellphones and people trying to get FREE money! Being a mom working full time I seriously would LOVE to stay home instead of working night shift for our local Amazon Warehouse which I love don’t get me wrong but it gets old not being able to see my family all day on my days off thanks to sleeping. But honestly those get rich quick scams NOT for me. I’ve seen so many young people post about “I need money ASAP!” seriously money isn’t just there and if they say it is watch your wallet! Maybe there are a few things that maybe give you money. However im not about dragging all my friends in to get referral money and they have to do the same in order for you to get anything in return..Again NOT for me!

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new addiction


Oh yes Im so in love with these scents I am currently burning Cotton Candy in my tart warmer and its smells amazing through my house. I have ordered so many scent samples and for my second week i have a candle and more tarts coming in.. I can’t wait it really is a company that has everything for everyone. Guys and girls. All kinds of scents. If you haven’t checked it out yet you really should. Two gifts in one you really can’t go wrong, again Follow me on facebook and you can see all the thing i have to offer i do deals randomly to so you should check it out

Jewlery In Candles with Ophelia…spelled just that way come over and like my page you never know what kind of deals i’ll be doing