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I knew this day would come some time but my feelings are mixed. Let me explain! So my daughters father has finally come out of the wood works after a year of random phone calls but not seeing her. So last night he messages me telling me he is getting his own place and would like to have visitation every other weekend. My daughter knows her father for the most part but hes been in and out of jail since she was about 4 and i have major trust issues with that. He has his issues and when hes in a good spot in his life he is a great dad but that changes sometimes and again that freaks me out. He barely pays me child support and she’s lived with me for well over 2 years never staying with him. Shes 6 and i’ve told her hed like to start seeing her she’s happy but she also seems a little worried. So that all being said am I wrong for asking him to spend time with both of us first and to sit down and actually come up with some kinda of agreement to have signed by a judge? He things I’m being a bitch. I think im just being a good mom!

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Carefree review


I use normally what ever pantiliners i see that are on sale. so getting this free sample for an honest review i figured why not try them. I haven’t used Carefree before and I can honestly say i liked them. They are huge so i can stick them in my pocket if need me and to me thats always a plus. Being discreet is a must. While wearing them i felt like i didn’t have them on again another plus. I’m always on the go and moving around so having a comfortable fit is amazing. Thanks Carefree

“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

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Mr.clean with gain review


This is a miracle in a bottle. I bought this myself figuring if nothing else my house would smell amazing. Little did I know how amazing this product really is.

So a week or so ago I was doggy sitting my brothers dog. The dogs about a year old or so, and well he isn’t the most easy dog to as he suffers from anxiety. None the less I love when Portos (brothers dog) is here. His anxiety unfortunately takes a toll on my hallway and the carpets in my house my light colored carpets at that. On my rearranging spree and painting I figured while the rooms are torn apart I’d work on the floors as well. Where ever Portos would potty there was a stain plus I had a female cat previously who nicely hid under a chair and had 4 kittens on the carpet so I had some stains. I have always cleaned up where ever he would potty or the stains from the cat I have used pet stain remover. That did nothing.  Using my carpet cleaner which I had put Mr. Clean in I noticed the stains getting smaller but still visible, so I grabbed a spray bottle mixed with Mr clean and water equal parts and a brush and scrubbed away my carpets look amazing.  And the best part is it smells amazing and doesn’t leave behind any nasty oder. So watching the dog last weekend my daughter decided she was going to help organize a table that had a bunch of really junk on it. As she’s doing so the dog gets a hold of bright blue nail Polish and bites it right open. AHHHH! Im now really to scream I tried everything nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol Google search couldn’t save me this time. In the middle of scrubbing the kitchen I thought Why not try this on the carpet to. No joke it actually worked I mean I still have scrubbing to do but Oh the stain is so much smaller now.

I recommend Mr  clean to everyone it’s my magic cleaner it works on everything…

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Im back!

Hey Everyone its been a while but i’ve been pretty busy. I hope everyone had an awesome Easter. My daughter was excited to finally get her new bike. in the past couple of weeks i’ve had a few products that i’ve figured i’d get and here in a few i’ll post those reviews and i have a few coming from Smiley360. Hopefully i’ll have a few calm weeks to get some more reviews done and be able to share with all you amazing people. I’m going to try to compile a few websites and make a list of where i get my freebies from as well in the new few days. I got my mom hooked on getting freebies and its really as simple as every just fill it out your info and your good to go.

I hope you all are enjoying Spring i know Pa is still seeing random snow showers i hope your having better luck with weather then us.

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Digital movies

So lately my daughter is obsessed with her roku Which is such an amazing device. She has Netflix plus multiple places where I buy her digital movies. Honestly best money I’ve spent in a while. We have started a little collection of movies some for her and some for me or the rest of my family. We pay for a movie that goes into a library and she can watch it a million times, no worries on losing a DVD or scratching it. I totally wish I had this when she was younger would have saved so much hassle with her when DVDs didn’t work anymore. So I use a fee sites M-GO is where I buy or rent movies they go into my ultraviolet library Which u can also get movies from and of course Netflix. Where we sort keep them but gives me a good idea as to What shows really catch her eye. I recommend this to anyone with small kids.

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Happy Saint Patricks Day!!!

st patricks day

I hope everyone is having a great Saint Patrick’s Day and the Luck of the Irish be with you all. I remember being little and never really getting what this holiday was all about Corn beef and cabbage and my grandfather and his green beer, now as i am older and know a bit more I understand now what we celebrate. Where some people just sit around and drink I spend the time with my family and learn more about my Irish background then what i had known before. My daughter is still to young to really understand what Saint Patrick had done and why we have this special day but once she is old enough I will be telling her what its all about. So heres Toast to Saint Patrick and all of you and to you have a blessed day and a safe holiday.

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Randoms Review


I got some Randoms from Smiley360 for a review and I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed them. As you can see my daughter did as well and the smaller bag didn’t last very long at all. I had multiple people try these and everyone said they tasted good. Different from other gummy snacks that we would normally bought. I think we found a winner for my house hold. The flavors are bold and there are many different shapes that keeps my daughter entertained. They say “no two bags are alike”. I have to agree the two bags I was sent are completely different with what is inside of them. Which makes it even more interesting if i had to say so myself. I know my reaching in and grabbing out a different shape and flavor makes me want to go back for more. I recommend anyone who wants to try Randoms to go get yourself a bag and try them for yourself !

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Peppermint oil review




I got this today and was so ready to use it. I have to report I got this for free as a product review for

So I’ve used this as a trash can scent and it worked right away leaving my kitchen smelling really good.

A face scrub using 4 drops peppermint oil 2 teaspoons table salt and 2 teaspoons olive oil. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d like this my face felt a little oily and That’s Not What I wanted but it went away after washing with face wash cream my skin now feels amazing and so soft.

Then I used a few drops in my shampoo it tingled right away making my head feel great so far my hairs still a bit wet it smells good I expected a mint smell however I don’t really smell that strong smell it’s a slight smell. My hairs a bit dry but I can I figure next time use a conditioner this time I used a two in one so Maybe That’s my mistake. (I’ll update tomorrow )

I’ve been reading about peppermint oil since I know I was getting it and I’ve seen all kinds of remedies to use it for. Headaches Which I actually had one before my shower and having the peppermint smell in the shower actually took it away I’m hoping this will be the same with migraines!!!  Bad breath fighter and cavity prevention having a child with bad teeth due to family history on her dad’s side she’s had a lot of issues and well be trying this tomorrow she’s excited to try it. Yay for my brave 6 year old. And pain relievers and so many more things.

I however don’t recommend getting it on a sunburn. If your
asking I tan and got a sun burn from going and it Burns a lot at first then it’s Okay but I still totally don’t recommend.


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Springtime means tanning for me

So I realize it’s Not spring yet, but give me a break I live in PA we’ve bad a bit of a crappy winter. So today I broke down and went tanning. I know it’s bad for me and all  don’t go often I normally just go to start my coloring for the summer. I don’t want to blind people.

So I go to parasite tanning such an awesome place always friendly people and they always answer my questions. I think that it’s important to be able to speak to the people running a business. A friendly face is always a place I’ll want to return.

So What do some of you think of tanning? Pros, cons? I’d like to hear some feed back.I got my mom going who has thyroid and graves disease for those who don’t know it is part of thyroid. She goes and it seems to relax her muscles and she has better days.  Ive seen some of her worse days so I asked her Dr. And he agreed no it’s Not great for her skin but if she feels good after it can hurt her if she’s careful.

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App Review: Free print Photo Affections

Such an amazing download onto my phone.I am one who goes through apps and checks to see which one best fits me this app was awesome. The point is to get you photos for pretty much FREE thats right i paid shipping of $2.00 and got 22 4×7 photos. At first i was a little skeptical But the outcome where amazing i was told a photo I asked to get printed was blurry and it came out perfect i couldn’t be happier. They have a website to i haven’t really browsed that to much yet. you get up to 1000 4×7 free each year for a little price of shipping and handling which isn’t to bad in my opinion i know going to walmart i pay 2 dollars for maybe 3 photos I say if you can wait then definitely check out this site.