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Disney On Ice Passport To Adventure

Our Disney on ice Pictures

My boyfriend and I took my daughter to see her first ever live performance of any kind. What a hit it was with her. It was with her girl scout troop and the girls who went had a blast! I am so blessed to have had that chance to do this with her!

First off let me start by saying the Arena we were at was amazing such a comfortable place to relax and enjoy an amazing show for the night. We where sitting pretty close not as close as I’m sure she would have wanted to be but we didn’t miss a step!

The performances where amazing and if you click the link above you’ll see I snapped a few random of my daughter her faces tells all.

Her favorite of course was Frozen!!! I know I know shocking right. Mine was Peter Pan because well it was one of my favorite movies growing up! My boyfriend loved Lion King! Even Little Mermaid was so amazing!

I give them skaters credit I don’t think I could ever do that stuff. The moves all timed perfectly so no one gets hurt! Its breath taking how they can make skating seem like a art that doesn’t take effort from them!

I would seriously recommend this show to everyone and anyone. Bring out the inner kid in yourself!