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Disney On Ice Passport To Adventure

Our Disney on ice Pictures

My boyfriend and I took my daughter to see her first ever live performance of any kind. What a hit it was with her. It was with her girl scout troop and the girls who went had a blast! I am so blessed to have had that chance to do this with her!

First off let me start by saying the Arena we were at was amazing such a comfortable place to relax and enjoy an amazing show for the night. We where sitting pretty close not as close as I’m sure she would have wanted to be but we didn’t miss a step!

The performances where amazing and if you click the link above you’ll see I snapped a few random of my daughter her faces tells all.

Her favorite of course was Frozen!!! I know I know shocking right. Mine was Peter Pan because well it was one of my favorite movies growing up! My boyfriend loved Lion King! Even Little Mermaid was so amazing!

I give them skaters credit I don’t think I could ever do that stuff. The moves all timed perfectly so no one gets hurt! Its breath taking how they can make skating seem like a art that doesn’t take effort from them!

I would seriously recommend this show to everyone and anyone. Bring out the inner kid in yourself!

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Kid Party Fun!

Most weekends I have my best friends twins along with my daughter. Most parents call me nuts yet I absolutely love every minute! They keep me busy and keep me very occupied which most days I need. So this weekend is no different. I have the twins for New Years Eve for there own little party.

So I’ve planned it out a bit. First stop on my list of places to go and pick stuff up was the local Dollar Tree. I was a little disappointed but found a few things that was perfect for what I wanted. I now have 3 masks and some boas to take some silly pictures in! Glow sticks so we can play some toss games and make it a little fun. Plus some little wine glasses for there awesome Root Beer. It amazes me how funny kids find that they drink Root Beer and make it seem like its an actual adult drink. I love it!

Next I’m been on the search for some creative idea’s for games. Using of course the Uno Attack my daughter got for Christmas I’m sure will be a huge it but I wanted to be able to have some different games to keep them occupied. As well as some yummy foods to go along with our night.

I found this amazing site to make Cinnamon roll twists and cream cheese frosting! Now I can not wait to try these and see if this will be a hit super easy cinnamon twists with cream cheese frosting if your looking for a fast and fun treat for anytime I’d say look at this link! I know my girls love cinnamon rolls and this will be a huge hit for them to do with me!

Honestly this website Its Always Autumn I have found so many amazing things to be able to do with the girls! You should really check it out! Let me know what your feed back is on this site! I’d love to hear what you think!

Then of course I was thinking why don’t we have a countdown so I’ve been on the search for a countdown craft for the girls each to make I’ve seen balloons and I’ve seen clocks! So I’m not really sure which one I want to do.

This is the website that I have been really looking at so many cute little ideas.crafts on sea new years eve countdown. I really want the girls to get into the new years mood and start the New Year out with a happy memory.

Seriously though so many ways to have a amazing party for children if you just search. And being creative is the best way to show that fun that you can have.



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Parental right or wrong?

So a couple of months ago my ex came to see our daughter for her 8th Birthday. Mind you this guy doesn’t ever call or show up unless it benefits him! This time was no different!!!

Let me start at the beginning of this crazy month story. My daughter was born 8 years ago in October. She has always been a child to do for her and to always help everyone else so she never asked for a party, this year she finally asked and it was 2 weeks before hand. I made all the arrangements and made out all the invitations. She has a step father who adores her and would do anything for her, so when she asked if her biological father could be invited we both agreed. Thinking it would be good for him to see her with her friends. He turned her down.

After telling me he couldn’t make it due to plans already or because he wouldn’t be able to spend much time alone with her, she was heartbroken. Nothing brings this girl down until its time to see her biological father and he turns her down. She has so much love to give that I wish he could see the love she has for him.  Since she was 4 when we had split up he hasn’t really been there! He comes and goes but never really comes around!

So  a week or so later he wanted to come down. I agreed even though we had plans. I always made sure that even with plans I would fit him in. So the day we are all together I had plans with my Mother and her we all met at the Mall. I figure this is a great place for him to see who she really is, to see what she is into. If you were to ask this man what her favorite color was, her favorite book, anything like that he wouldn’t be able to give the right answer.

Walking around with him his girlfriend and her 2 children. My daughter kind of got left to the side because she isn’t anything like that family!I mean nothing bad by this. But my daughter doesn’t run around a mall or try to get everything she sees so it was different for her!

On to my point. My ex comes to me and tells me that he is getting married in December! Actually will be this weekend he gets married. Am I heartbroken for me NO for my amazing daughter Yes! He says he wants to know if there was anyway for me to get her up there. I explain that I’m not sure since its still a few months away. Here’s the kicker I wasn’t invited! I maybe wouldn’t have been so shocked if it wasn’t for the fact that she never spends time with him or the family! She doesn’t even know his girl friends name she wasn’t ever really introduced to her!

So here I sit and I wonder am I wrong for not driving my daughter 2 hours to a wedding when she isn’t even a part of it and the only person she’ll know is her father?

I know that it seems means but I feel horrible for my daughter. She has already stated she doesn’t want to go. I thank god for the fact that I have an amazingly smart child!

I wonder why it has to be so hard! I feel like the bad parent some days. Is it only me or is it like this with most parents that are split up?

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Hello Kitty Timed toothbrush review


After my daughter had finally gotten over a cold that had been hanging on for about 2 weeks I do as most parents i changed her toothbrush. With out paying any attention to fine detail I grabbed Hello Kitty as my daughter is a fan shocked to find out when I got home it was a timed toothbrush. I was a little skeptical at first but i figured doesn’t hurt to try.

So the point of this toothbrush is to hit the bottom and it blinks red for 2 minutes. Being a parent of a 6 year old keeping her brushing that long sometimes is a struggle. How ever she loved the idea that it told her when she could stop brushing. I have tried many methods putting music on for a couple minutes or lets count to a certain number nothing seemed to work. So I am so grateful to have accidentally grabbed these when I just wanted to change out the old.

I picked them up from walmart for 4 bucks it was a pack of two. Honestly i think it was a steal. A great product for a great price. Best thing is i won and do does my daughter. I recommend these toothbrushes to anyone with small children. I was a skeptic just like most thinking how could a light up or musical toothbrush help a child learn to brush better. I see her try so much harder now to make sure she’s got everything and it is a quick “im done” after 50 seconds if that of brushing.