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It is so hard for me to think that my little baby is not so little anymore. My daughter will be starting the first grade in September. So not ready for my baby to grow up, but then again what parent is? I remember being little and thinking summer was never long enough we needed more days off to play with our friends and have fun. My daughter on the other hand is all sorts of ready for school to start. Trust me that’s not a bad thing and I love how excited she is. Plus I work nights so that means more sleep for momma when shes in school. I was talking to my fiance the other day about how things have changed in 9 years since I graduated high school he doesn’t see the difference as he’s  years younger then me and just left school not many years ago. Uniforms where something we heard they were gonna give us yet here i am buying them for my daughter along with a clear back pack. Seriously what has our world come to a bunch of crazy people that make it so we can’t even trust our own kids these days! its sad really I do worry every day she gets on the bus as to what might happen these days its a thought that has crossed most parents minds at least once. I believe that leaving her home and doing homeschooling will not do her any good so off she must go. She needs to branch on her own and learn how to live her own life not the life of hiding behind walls. And don’t get me wrong the people who do homeschool there children more power to you i give you credit because it can’t always be easy! I do some days wish i could but i know that its something she doesn’t want. Yes i know i’m the parent and i make the rules however i feel that if she wants to go to school in a public place more power to her. However if she came home the next day and said home school me id do it in a heart beat

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Jewelry In Candles YAY!!

one of those links is to my personal site the other to my facebook site come follow me on facebook i’d love to get feed back from all of youabout jewelry in candle become a rep bring outdoors in garden indoors generalpointsjewelryad

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Working from home?

So i was wondering how many people actually work from home? I’ve searched and searched and i really haven’t seen much of anything. Kinda of sucks if you ask me. I still sell Jewelry In Candles and yes i’ve made my money back and plan to do lots of parties with them and keep selling. I really do love the product and so does my family. All that matters right? Back to my original topic of my post. Work from home opportunities yay or nay?? What do you honestly think? This day in age its all about computers and cellphones and people trying to get FREE money! Being a mom working full time I seriously would LOVE to stay home instead of working night shift for our local Amazon Warehouse which I love don’t get me wrong but it gets old not being able to see my family all day on my days off thanks to sleeping. But honestly those get rich quick scams NOT for me. I’ve seen so many young people post about “I need money ASAP!” seriously money isn’t just there and if they say it is watch your wallet! Maybe there are a few things that maybe give you money. However im not about dragging all my friends in to get referral money and they have to do the same in order for you to get anything in return..Again NOT for me!

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new addiction


Oh yes Im so in love with these scents I am currently burning Cotton Candy in my tart warmer and its smells amazing through my house. I have ordered so many scent samples and for my second week i have a candle and more tarts coming in.. I can’t wait it really is a company that has everything for everyone. Guys and girls. All kinds of scents. If you haven’t checked it out yet you really should. Two gifts in one you really can’t go wrong, again Follow me on facebook and you can see all the thing i have to offer i do deals randomly to so you should check it out

Jewlery In Candles with Ophelia…spelled just that way come over and like my page you never know what kind of deals i’ll be doing

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Independant Sales Rep For Jewelry In Candles


Hey awesome people out there. So i got a rare deal today got to sign up to sell Jewelry in Candles for $1! Thats right a dollar. the promation goes on until 7/15/15 11:59pm. I’d love to get some people on my team and i’m interested in sharing with you what i’ve learned and maybe we can grow together as a team. you can find me on my facebook site Jewlery In Candles with Ophelia and yes before you state that its wrong it was done that way on purpose to stand out when it shows up on someones news feed!

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update on life

It has been awhile, and for that I’m sorry. So lets see between being a mom and a caregiver now I’m also trying to be a great girlfriend well i guess fiance as I’m engaged to someone I’ve been on and off with for about 2 years we have more on then off normally just because at the time it wasn’t going to work but we always stayed close. So YAY for getting married. We have picked out a date and its August 6 2016 so I have a year to plan this. Feelings on this are unbelievable. I’m completely in love but planning the perfect camo and orange country wedding is seeming so hard. so any of you amazing married people have any advise to share. Gosh I could use alot of advice.

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I knew this day would come some time but my feelings are mixed. Let me explain! So my daughters father has finally come out of the wood works after a year of random phone calls but not seeing her. So last night he messages me telling me he is getting his own place and would like to have visitation every other weekend. My daughter knows her father for the most part but hes been in and out of jail since she was about 4 and i have major trust issues with that. He has his issues and when hes in a good spot in his life he is a great dad but that changes sometimes and again that freaks me out. He barely pays me child support and she’s lived with me for well over 2 years never staying with him. Shes 6 and i’ve told her hed like to start seeing her she’s happy but she also seems a little worried. So that all being said am I wrong for asking him to spend time with both of us first and to sit down and actually come up with some kinda of agreement to have signed by a judge? He things I’m being a bitch. I think im just being a good mom!

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Carefree review


I use normally what ever pantiliners i see that are on sale. so getting this free sample for an honest review i figured why not try them. I haven’t used Carefree before and I can honestly say i liked them. They are huge so i can stick them in my pocket if need me and to me thats always a plus. Being discreet is a must. While wearing them i felt like i didn’t have them on again another plus. I’m always on the go and moving around so having a comfortable fit is amazing. Thanks Carefree

“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

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Mr.clean with gain review


This is a miracle in a bottle. I bought this myself figuring if nothing else my house would smell amazing. Little did I know how amazing this product really is.

So a week or so ago I was doggy sitting my brothers dog. The dogs about a year old or so, and well he isn’t the most easy dog to as he suffers from anxiety. None the less I love when Portos (brothers dog) is here. His anxiety unfortunately takes a toll on my hallway and the carpets in my house my light colored carpets at that. On my rearranging spree and painting I figured while the rooms are torn apart I’d work on the floors as well. Where ever Portos would potty there was a stain plus I had a female cat previously who nicely hid under a chair and had 4 kittens on the carpet so I had some stains. I have always cleaned up where ever he would potty or the stains from the cat I have used pet stain remover. That did nothing.  Using my carpet cleaner which I had put Mr. Clean in I noticed the stains getting smaller but still visible, so I grabbed a spray bottle mixed with Mr clean and water equal parts and a brush and scrubbed away my carpets look amazing.  And the best part is it smells amazing and doesn’t leave behind any nasty oder. So watching the dog last weekend my daughter decided she was going to help organize a table that had a bunch of really junk on it. As she’s doing so the dog gets a hold of bright blue nail Polish and bites it right open. AHHHH! Im now really to scream I tried everything nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol Google search couldn’t save me this time. In the middle of scrubbing the kitchen I thought Why not try this on the carpet to. No joke it actually worked I mean I still have scrubbing to do but Oh the stain is so much smaller now.

I recommend Mr  clean to everyone it’s my magic cleaner it works on everything…

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Im back!

Hey Everyone its been a while but i’ve been pretty busy. I hope everyone had an awesome Easter. My daughter was excited to finally get her new bike. in the past couple of weeks i’ve had a few products that i’ve figured i’d get and here in a few i’ll post those reviews and i have a few coming from Smiley360. Hopefully i’ll have a few calm weeks to get some more reviews done and be able to share with all you amazing people. I’m going to try to compile a few websites and make a list of where i get my freebies from as well in the new few days. I got my mom hooked on getting freebies and its really as simple as every just fill it out your info and your good to go.

I hope you all are enjoying Spring i know Pa is still seeing random snow showers i hope your having better luck with weather then us.