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Unanswered Questions

As I sit here I’m thinking about a family who lost there daughter,sister,cousin granddaughter, and Friend this weekend to a tragic end!

Its sad how one person and just lose it and murder someone as sweet and lovable as this young lady was. I am so grateful to have gotten to know her and her family.

But now I sit and wonder how do you move on when you don’t have an answer to why this has happened? Do you ever get over it!

I know many years ago I lost my uncle to Murder. It was a messy time in my life and to think then I was just a little girl. I remember waking up daily and wondering why him as I do now for Brooke!

Why?? Do we ever really get the answer we want to hear? Honestly I really don’t think we do!

We look for answers that make us happy but when we lose a love one we aren’t happy for what seems like forever!

Bringing me on to Death in general!

I know everyone loses a close family member or friend in their life time. I have seen death many times and many people have dealt with it in their own way! Me I like to be left alone to think of the memories and turn to music. It doesn’t matter what kind of music anything normally works just something to help me zone out!

I feel so much grief right now for Brookes family and I look at my child and think when shes 21 or any age I myself could be in Brookes families shoes!

Makes me wish my child would never grow up! Never know the hurt of the world. Never see how truly horrible some people in this world really are!

I myself can only do what I know is best. Make sure she grows up happy and never miss a sign of anything that could be wrong! I know I am not a super mom (I totally wish I was) I don’t plan on being on I just hope that one day when she loses a friend like I have lost along the way it shapes her to be a better women in the end!




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