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Direct Sales-Working From Home

So have any of you did the whole direct sales work! Let me tell you if you completely find a job that you love to do its worth it! I have had a few companies that at first I LOVED but ended up not really being for me! Which I have so many friends that have been like that!

Currently I am with Pink Zebra- Have you used there Scent Sprinkles! Not only can you buy Scent Sprinkles but you can buy all kinds of simmer lights and burners! So many options to pick from! You can mix the sprinkles together and create new scents! Haven’t Checked them out you should Pink Zebra with Amanda Stankiewicz!

Also Avon which hello you all have heard of AVON and if you haven’t where have you been How every they always have amazing products and deals! Avon with Amanda Stankiewicz

One of my Favorite Companies is Clever Container! I love that they have a product for everyone and every room! The products are so simple and easy to use that just about anyone can use them! Plus who doesn’t need organization in a room! Check out my link Clever Container with Amanda Stankiewicz

Last on my List of Companies Perfectly Posh! Such an amazing pampering company so many products to help your skin feel like its brand new! This is a company i recommend to anyone! Perfectly Posh with Amanda Stankiewicz


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