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In the past few weeks I’ve realized how electronic dependent our kids are these days! Every day I hear from my 8 year old “can I use the computer?”

Of course I say no but it doesn’t make a difference she has a tablet and a phone that has no time to make calls just so she can play a few games. I have enabled her! I make it worse.

When we tell her to go outside we hear all kinds of excuses. It drives us completely insane! So now I wonder what I can do to make her do a little more creative stuff. I guess its off to pinterest! This year I think that I will take time out and make us both get outside more!

A change in life for us both! More fresh air and healthier new year. They say you for you to see change you need to want and do that change. I am completely okay with this I want to so my daughter that life goes on outside of Electronics.

I say lets all put down the electronics and show the kids of today what is was like when we were younger. Do you remember coming home when it got dark and not having to wait for a call on the CELL to remind you to be home? Running around outside chasing fireflies?

Oh the memories of being young just came flooding back to me! Oh how I miss those days. How many of you wish you could go back to those days and nights? I know I totally would love it!



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