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Pink Zebra

What can i say about this awesome company other then what amazing products they have! I finally broke and bought my first jar of sprinkles. I picked up the scent Fresh Linen. 2d065aae579cf954ae26ab7437593cb9

I have little gift bags all around my house with just a small amount and it makes such a huge change! So I’ve figured I would love to rate this company and there product. Mind you I paid for this myself and I wasn’t asked to do any of this. I however believe in this company and the products!!!!

Website i used:

The Consultant offered to help me with any questions i had so experience with her 10/10

Website is super easy to use and labeled easy to read and find what you are looking for 10/10

They always seem to have some kind of special which is a plus!!

Shipping costs are to crazy ridiculous that’s a plus in this day in age some Direct Sales companies are insane with shipping costs so that’s not to bad 10/10 i believe it was around $8 not to bad considering the jar is glass!!

shipping also was super quick got the confirmation letter in my email then the shipment letter with in the next day or 2 and got my package with in less then 5 days total so that’s amazing 10/10 again!!

I know there are so many amazing scent companies out there but honestly this one has my vote i love the product and the deals they do we cant go wrong when we want to save money am I right or am I wrong??

Either way if your looking for some gift this year for the holiday or even a birthday but don’t know what to get or where to go check out this site its awesome!!!



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