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I wonder how many of you have been scratching your heads trying to find that perfect costume for this years Halloween party! With that in your mind how many will go out spending $30 or more dollars to get the outfit that who knows how many other people will have. Why not get creative I mean yes I know its almost time for the parties and the fun but next year think a head get your outfit going. Imagine how awesome you’ll look creating your own costume and the money you’ll save. 

Now for the tricky part oh the kids! My daughter took 3 weeks to find what she wanted switching and always trying to find the better costume then the kids in her class. Finally finding what she wants to be. After then 2nd year of the “I don’t know” game I believe next year I’ll be creating her costume as well. Lots of planning but again cost saving.

Do any of you make your own customes? I’d love to heat about them. And be able to share your ideas with others in the world


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