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It is so hard for me to think that my little baby is not so little anymore. My daughter will be starting the first grade in September. So not ready for my baby to grow up, but then again what parent is? I remember being little and thinking summer was never long enough we needed more days off to play with our friends and have fun. My daughter on the other hand is all sorts of ready for school to start. Trust me that’s not a bad thing and I love how excited she is. Plus I work nights so that means more sleep for momma when shes in school. I was talking to my fiance the other day about how things have changed in 9 years since I graduated high school he doesn’t see the difference as he’s  years younger then me and just left school not many years ago. Uniforms where something we heard they were gonna give us yet here i am buying them for my daughter along with a clear back pack. Seriously what has our world come to a bunch of crazy people that make it so we can’t even trust our own kids these days! its sad really I do worry every day she gets on the bus as to what might happen these days its a thought that has crossed most parents minds at least once. I believe that leaving her home and doing homeschooling will not do her any good so off she must go. She needs to branch on her own and learn how to live her own life not the life of hiding behind walls. And don’t get me wrong the people who do homeschool there children more power to you i give you credit because it can’t always be easy! I do some days wish i could but i know that its something she doesn’t want. Yes i know i’m the parent and i make the rules however i feel that if she wants to go to school in a public place more power to her. However if she came home the next day and said home school me id do it in a heart beat


stay at home mom and wife

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