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Working from home?

So i was wondering how many people actually work from home? I’ve searched and searched and i really haven’t seen much of anything. Kinda of sucks if you ask me. I still sell Jewelry In Candles and yes i’ve made my money back and plan to do lots of parties with them and keep selling. I really do love the product and so does my family. All that matters right? Back to my original topic of my post. Work from home opportunities yay or nay?? What do you honestly think? This day in age its all about computers and cellphones and people trying to get FREE money! Being a mom working full time I seriously would LOVE to stay home instead of working night shift for our local Amazon Warehouse which I love don’t get me wrong but it gets old not being able to see my family all day on my days off thanks to sleeping. But honestly those get rich quick scams NOT for me. I’ve seen so many young people post about “I need money ASAP!” seriously money isn’t just there and if they say it is watch your wallet! Maybe there are a few things that maybe give you money. However im not about dragging all my friends in to get referral money and they have to do the same in order for you to get anything in return..Again NOT for me!


stay at home mom and wife

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