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I knew this day would come some time but my feelings are mixed. Let me explain! So my daughters father has finally come out of the wood works after a year of random phone calls but not seeing her. So last night he messages me telling me he is getting his own place and would like to have visitation every other weekend. My daughter knows her father for the most part but hes been in and out of jail since she was about 4 and i have major trust issues with that. He has his issues and when hes in a good spot in his life he is a great dad but that changes sometimes and again that freaks me out. He barely pays me child support and she’s lived with me for well over 2 years never staying with him. Shes 6 and i’ve told her hed like to start seeing her she’s happy but she also seems a little worried. So that all being said am I wrong for asking him to spend time with both of us first and to sit down and actually come up with some kinda of agreement to have signed by a judge? He things I’m being a bitch. I think im just being a good mom!



stay at home mom and wife

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