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Mr.clean with gain review


This is a miracle in a bottle. I bought this myself figuring if nothing else my house would smell amazing. Little did I know how amazing this product really is.

So a week or so ago I was doggy sitting my brothers dog. The dogs about a year old or so, and well he isn’t the most easy dog to as he suffers from anxiety. None the less I love when Portos (brothers dog) is here. His anxiety unfortunately takes a toll on my hallway and the carpets in my house my light colored carpets at that. On my rearranging spree and painting I figured while the rooms are torn apart I’d work on the floors as well. Where ever Portos would potty there was a stain plus I had a female cat previously who nicely hid under a chair and had 4 kittens on the carpet so I had some stains. I have always cleaned up where ever he would potty or the stains from the cat I have used pet stain remover. That did nothing.  Using my carpet cleaner which I had put Mr. Clean in I noticed the stains getting smaller but still visible, so I grabbed a spray bottle mixed with Mr clean and water equal parts and a brush and scrubbed away my carpets look amazing.  And the best part is it smells amazing and doesn’t leave behind any nasty oder. So watching the dog last weekend my daughter decided she was going to help organize a table that had a bunch of really junk on it. As she’s doing so the dog gets a hold of bright blue nail Polish and bites it right open. AHHHH! Im now really to scream I tried everything nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol Google search couldn’t save me this time. In the middle of scrubbing the kitchen I thought Why not try this on the carpet to. No joke it actually worked I mean I still have scrubbing to do but Oh the stain is so much smaller now.

I recommend Mr  clean to everyone it’s my magic cleaner it works on everything…



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