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Hello Kitty Timed toothbrush review


After my daughter had finally gotten over a cold that had been hanging on for about 2 weeks I do as most parents i changed her toothbrush. With out paying any attention to fine detail I grabbed Hello Kitty as my daughter is a fan shocked to find out when I got home it was a timed toothbrush. I was a little skeptical at first but i figured doesn’t hurt to try.

So the point of this toothbrush is to hit the bottom and it blinks red for 2 minutes. Being a parent of a 6 year old keeping her brushing that long sometimes is a struggle. How ever she loved the idea that it told her when she could stop brushing. I have tried many methods putting music on for a couple minutes or lets count to a certain number nothing seemed to work. So I am so grateful to have accidentally grabbed these when I just wanted to change out the old.

I picked them up from walmart for 4 bucks it was a pack of two. Honestly i think it was a steal. A great product for a great price. Best thing is i won and do does my daughter. I recommend these toothbrushes to anyone with small children. I was a skeptic just like most thinking how could a light up or musical toothbrush help a child learn to brush better. I see her try so much harder now to make sure she’s got everything and it is a quick “im done” after 50 seconds if that of brushing.



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