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Peppermint oil review




I got this today and was so ready to use it. I have to report I got this for free as a product review for

So I’ve used this as a trash can scent and it worked right away leaving my kitchen smelling really good.

A face scrub using 4 drops peppermint oil 2 teaspoons table salt and 2 teaspoons olive oil. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d like this my face felt a little oily and That’s Not What I wanted but it went away after washing with face wash cream my skin now feels amazing and so soft.

Then I used a few drops in my shampoo it tingled right away making my head feel great so far my hairs still a bit wet it smells good I expected a mint smell however I don’t really smell that strong smell it’s a slight smell. My hairs a bit dry but I can I figure next time use a conditioner this time I used a two in one so Maybe That’s my mistake. (I’ll update tomorrow )

I’ve been reading about peppermint oil since I know I was getting it and I’ve seen all kinds of remedies to use it for. Headaches Which I actually had one before my shower and having the peppermint smell in the shower actually took it away I’m hoping this will be the same with migraines!!!  Bad breath fighter and cavity prevention having a child with bad teeth due to family history on her dad’s side she’s had a lot of issues and well be trying this tomorrow she’s excited to try it. Yay for my brave 6 year old. And pain relievers and so many more things.

I however don’t recommend getting it on a sunburn. If your
asking I tan and got a sun burn from going and it Burns a lot at first then it’s Okay but I still totally don’t recommend.




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