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Springtime means tanning for me

So I realize it’s Not spring yet, but give me a break I live in PA we’ve bad a bit of a crappy winter. So today I broke down and went tanning. I know it’s bad for me and all  don’t go often I normally just go to start my coloring for the summer. I don’t want to blind people.

So I go to parasite tanning such an awesome place always friendly people and they always answer my questions. I think that it’s important to be able to speak to the people running a business. A friendly face is always a place I’ll want to return.

So What do some of you think of tanning? Pros, cons? I’d like to hear some feed back.I got my mom going who has thyroid and graves disease for those who don’t know it is part of thyroid. She goes and it seems to relax her muscles and she has better days.  Ive seen some of her worse days so I asked her Dr. And he agreed no it’s Not great for her skin but if she feels good after it can hurt her if she’s careful.



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