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Samples and Freebies

Thanks right I said it Samples and freebies. While home i figure why not make myself useful. I’ve been doing surveys gaining points and what not trying to get free stuff. I mean seriously who doesn’t want free stuff? And if you can try a product and review it for free or maybe just  shipping and handling why not right! I have gotten a couple things lately and im not ashamed i’m proud. I’m learning to try new things and hey i might even like that product.

So i’ve been on Crowdtap for 3 months now this is my third month and I must say i love this site. it takes some time but its worth it i do it on my laptop or my phone while im at appointments with my grandmother. the point is to answer a bunch of questions and get 100 points every 100 points get you put in for a drawing of gift cards. The gift cards i’ve seen so far are walmart amazon and a bunch of others

So think about it even if you win a 5 dollar gift card to say amazon you save it and could use it towards i don’t know gifts or something you really want down the line! sounds like a DEAL to me!!!

Also Try out smiley360 again you can try different missions and gain some cool stuff. plus always search your favorite companies sites sometimes they have samples you can get to try new products they have out!



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