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So I guess you can so I got the Cabin fever that many suffer about this time of year. Living in good old Pennsylvania it happens and this year is no different. We have suffered below average temps and lots of snow. However not as much as the states up north. I feel for you all and pray it stops and you get some warmth. But here i am stuck in my house with single digits or negative degrees outside, so I’m redecorating. Am I the only one that does this randomly in winter? Currently its my living room I was tired of the white walls my landlord had and as long as its nothing drastic I’m allowed to paint so a nice light brown it is. I’m thinking maybe country type brown walls black frames and lots of pictures I’d like to have a family wall. Since my grandmother lives with me I’d like to have a wall that shows all her grand-kids and great grand-kids since she has 8 of them and we don’t see everyone all the time.Of course its the how am i supposed to put them all together with out making a crowded wall. Anyone have any ideas I’m totally open to any ideas that may help.



stay at home mom and wife

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