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Lately Its like no matter what I’m doing I feel like i’m not getting ahead. For starters my brother and his dog had moved in which was fine I’m all about helping family every chance i get. its difficult to sit here and always be happy and not stress when I have a 6 year old and a 79 year old grandmother who has the onset of Alzheimer’s. So depending on the day it can be a good day or a bad day, mostly depending on how may grandmother is feeling. I never thought I would be caring for my elderly family members not that i mind but i’m 27 i still have a life a head of me and i know that yeah things happen and it changes life but i tend to turn everyone down and never go out unless its for shopping for my house hold. Last time i actually went out for myself one night was last year in march.I never complain nor will i honestly love every moment i get with my family but the stress does add up. I am a stay at home mom and i guess you can say care giver now and i like it but trying to switch up the life style that my house hold was use to.I guess that’s the hardest part. Mostly its the eating habits of the house I had decided to do a diet and kinda made it so everyone else in my house has to eat healthy to. I don’t see anything wrong with less junk food and more veggies and fruits. One excess i’ve heard from my grandma is they all taste funny. Really?? I’ve explained to her how what she does also shows Audrey (my daughter) the wrong habits of eating not eating enough and eating all junk food. I wish things where easier and i could catch a break but i do believe God dealt me the hand that i can play with. And that makes me stronger. I struggle and yet i smile every day no matter what.



stay at home mom and wife

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