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Single Parenting

Being a single mother has its tolls. I love the fact that I get the undivided attention of my six year old. The one thing I don’t get is how can someone who tells everyone in the world that they love their child yet never call,message or visit? I was with my daughters dad for just under 4 years. We had our daughter just after a year of us being together and she was the joy of my life the day they brought her into me and it was like nothing I can ever explain. The love between a parent and a child the first time they are introduced is amazing. Unfortunately it didn’t seem like he got that feeling!  I never missed a beat at 6 weeks old I went back to work full time and she was home with her grandfather who is amazing with her the connection they have is unbelievable. Her father slowly started to drift away and we ended up splitting up. Better for me and our daughter in all honesty he was fine with us going our own ways. he wasn’t a bad father and i’ll never say anything bad about him but it does make me wonder why its ok for us to be 2 hours away and i was willing to drive up there but for him to see our daughter for only maybe an hour isn’t worth it. Now it seems to be that he only comes around calls or whatever when he has a new girlfriend and he needs to impress someone.
Being a single mom i wouldn’t trade for the world of course i’d love someone to share my life with and for my daughter to have around. I am the one to be proud of who she is turning into a smart and amazing young girl. I cook and clean and some days i feel like i haven’t slept in weeks. i think it makes for a better child in some cases to see that they don’t need the support of other people to succeed in life. Single parents have to show children that its okay to be alone and that you can make your own life with out other poeple in it.



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